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1) Treat every gun as if it was loaded. Every time a gun is handled, check to make sure that the gun is empty of shells or cartridges, always assume the gun has the ability to load itself.

2) Always point the muzzle in a safe direction. Nobody should ever see the muzzle end of your gun! An experienced hunter is always aware of the safe direction to point the gun's muzzle and would not hunt with anyone who does not do likewise.

3) Be sure of your target and beyond. A safe hunter would never take aim at a sound, movement or flash of color. A safe shot is taken at a positively identified target against a clear and safe background.

4) Never point a gun at anything you do not intend to shoot. Avoid all horseplay with a firearm.

5) Unload guns when not in use. Have the actions open to ensure that a gun is not loaded. Guns should be carried in cases to the shooting area.

6) Store guns and ammunition separately. Store in a place where the guns are out of reach of children or careless adults.

7) Be sure the barrel and action are clear of obstructions. Only carry ammunition for the gun you are carrying and the game you are hunting.

8) Never climb a fence or tree, cross a log or a stream or jump a ditch with a loaded gun.

9) When target practicing, be sure your backstop is adequate.  Do not shoot into rocky backstops or into water.

10) Never use alcoholic beverages or drugs when handling a firearm. Alcohol or drugs should not be used before or during the hunt or when cleaning a gun. Always be fully alert and in control.



  The range is to be used at the users own risk.

  Range hours are from 9:00 am to sunset Monday through Saturday, 10:00 am on Sundays.  The range will be closed until noon during the month of November, and closed all day during Deer Shotgun Season dates set by the ODNR.

  Range use is for members only; one guest is permitted, other than family members. 

  Members must visibly display their badges while on the range.

  Consumption of alcohol prior to and/or during range use is prohibited.

  Range gate is to be locked behind you upon entering and exiting the range.   The flag at the gate must be raised while on the range, and lowered upon exiting.   Vehicles are restricted to stoned areas only.  No parking on grass or lane.

  Fully automatic weapons are prohibited.

  All weapons fire shall be deliberate and controlled.

  Targets are to be placed on provided target frame backstops.  Clay birds, tin cans, plastic or glass bottles are prohibited as targets.

   Shooting benches and stools are to remain behind the firing line at all times.

   No person shall approach the target area until all shooters using that range section have indicated that they are finished firing and have cleared their guns.  (Shafts clear of strings on bows)  

   The range is to be kept clean.  It is the responsibility of each member during their visitation to the range to police the grounds: used targets, shell boxes, trash, spent shells and casings, etc. are to be placed in proper containers or removed from the range by the user.

   Report any accidental damage of gate, target framework, benches and stools, etc. to the range master or any club officer or trustee at once.  

  HTCC has a zero tolerance policy in place for range rules violations.  Violations to the above policy may result in revocation of HTCC membership.  Responsibility for revoking of membership will be at the board’s discretion.

   Any observation of rules violation must be brought to the violator's attention and reported to the range master, or any club officer or trustee promptly. 


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